Central California Alliance for Health | Living Healthy | June 2020

HEALTHY 4 Have you ever wondered who is on the other end of the phone when you call Member Services? Our representatives are caring, dedicated professionals. They are here to answer your calls Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Our representatives are ready to: ■  ■ Help you understand how your health plan works ■  ■ Answer questions about your benefits ■  ■ Explain how you can get medical care and services What is a primary care provider? Think of your primary care provider as your gateway to good health. A primary care provider can be a general practice or family medicine doctor, pediatrician or internal medicine doctor. Your primary care provider may be a clinic or medical group. Your primary care provider will see you for checkups and immunizations and will help you manage any chronic conditions you might have, like diabetes. He or she can do many things for you, such as: ●  ● Guide all of your health care ●  ● Be the one you go to for regular care and when you’re sick ■  ■ Let you know which doctors and clinics you can go to ■  ■ Help you choose or change your primary care provider ■  ■ Offer interpreter services if you do not speak English ■  ■ Help arrange transportation if you don’t have ways to get to your doctor appointment ■  ■ Send you a new Alliance ID card if you lose yours ■  ■ Assist you with concerns or complaints We have representatives in Merced, Monterey and Santa Cruz counties. They live and work in the communities we serve. They care about you and are here to help. Service with a smile! YOU AND YOUR HEALTH are important to us. Please call us at 800-700-3874 (TTY: 800-735-2929 or 7-1-1 ) if you have questions, need help or have concerns about your care as an Alliance member. We’re here to help! ●  ● Help prevent health problems ●  ● Refer you to other doctors, as needed Over time, your primary care provider will get to know your health history and help you make good choices so you can stay well. We can help you find a primary care provider if you don’t already have one. TO FIND A primary care provider near you, call Member Services at 800-700-3874 . Or you can use the online Provider Directory on our website at morehealth.org/ providerdirectory ( URL has been shortened for convenience).